maanantai 19. tammikuuta 2015

KAN-RYHMÄ eli sinne (ja jopa takaisin)

Se on valmis. 14 sivua. Mua itkettää. Tää on mahtava tunne.
Hyvät naiset ja herrat. Matkapäiväkirjani.

For the French: I made an easy translation in English, so you can read my travel journal, too! Hope you like!

26.11.//*THUD*//THE INTERNATIONAL GROUP or There (and even Back Again)//The international course's trip to Brittany, which is one of the regions of France. Organized by the hight school of Loppi. There were 13 students and team Marjo&Mikko (two teachers) on the trip.// Ouch! Go away!/Me too!
 My trip started already on Tuesday evening on 25.11. I and Ivar spent the night at Aino's place. During the evening, the best friends managed to speak about //DEEP THINGS/I think the thing is, that.../Hmm/And my opinion is...//AND... WELL.../art!ehem//At three o'clock, we were first ones at the airport. We waited for the rest./I'll say something funny when they come!//Umm, guys... They've arrived from some other way./Cheating!//"This carpool was just what I predicted. Pieti was goofing around and Thelma was late." -Riku//The only place, where I hate the fact that I have a pacemaker is the security check./I have this thing./Okay, well come here.//Although is not that horrible after all.../Okay, now you can go!
 We had a little snack before departure/I could take some photos during the trip where is that note./"Jag är kokken"//Half of the group flight to Riga, the rest of us to Munich./Omg the sky looks so fabulous!/This time my ears didn't even "get locked" (I've no idea what's that in English lol)//Munich.//Hey boys! My wi-fi is working!/Here isn't a good place to eat...//In the morning we had had a chat like this:/-We could try to get high fives from strangers in Germany/-Yeah! "Hoch Fünf!"//So, when I got too bored.../"Machen Sie "Hoch Fünf mit mich, bitte?/Done!
 I went around the airport hand up and hoped for high five.//Socially open German... Yeah right. I'm going to that store./I've got to see this//(In English, not going to translate again)//Then the shopkeeper went away and I got too ashamed so I fled. Sorry! And I var had fun.//Munich-Paris, Charles de Gaulle/Nobody kept me company, again.// I read very enthusiastic some Lufthansa's magazine in German. Finally there's some benefit's for reading eight courses German!//Plus I got Coke. (wow) *sip* Haahaa those other's didn't get any because they slept.
 Paris. The local engineering skills are kinda "awesome"/LOL the tickets you bought from the machine are not valid here yet. You mad?/Well, Marjo went to buy new tickets from cash desk. And the trip continued!//In the subway/You kidding, what a ghetto//We met the rest of the group on Montparnasse./I bought Rolling Stone -magazine, which is in French! I don't understand a thing but here is nice pictures!//The subway-map of Helsinki versus the subway-map of Paris//But yeah. Maybe we saw only "the wrong parts" of Paris but I wasn't very impressed about the capital city...//The trip by train was about 3 hours/The part of the trip went like this: angst, angst, tired, old men, *slurp*./*cough* I mean what.//I had a pity for the French lady who sit next to us... 
 Finally we were there.//We met our host families on the station and then we left with them. I lived with a girl named Chloé. First I was very nervous! Because I'm shy.//Chloé's father liked to talk, so the tension got smaller./The traffic signs look weird in here//The evening's meal was "very exotic". Clams, shrimps and so on./It was good, though!//Three two one *pim* Sleeping!// I gave the souvenirs (chocolate and Iittala-box&from the commune a Loppi-bag full of Loppi-stuff.) and then I went to sleep!//THURSDAY 27.11. on the next page

 The breakfast was kinda fun because there was no need to hurry because we got up so early.//At home in Finland/about 15 minutes//at host family in France/half an hour and more//I noticed in the schoolbus that there's a lot of short girls with glasses in France/That one looks like, Aino, too.//The young French say hi to each other like this: SALUT!//When I and Aino met Ivar&Riku in the morning, they saluted us like this.../Suck salt stone!/Well hello to you//We were kept a guided tour at school where our host families youngsters are going. We gave presentations about Loppi and our high school. This time the French laughed our horribly small high school. (When we were in Gothenburg, Sweden, the principal of the local school laughed when we told how many people goes to our high school.) After the tour they served us a good lunch!//Ew pickles/You'll eat those or you'll cry and eat! 
 The main course, which was a sausage rolled inside crêpe was delicious! It was annoying when I was so full that I couldn't eat anymore. :D//A couple of teachers showed us some local dances. The rest of people wanted to join and soon I noticed that I'm jumping across the room.//In the Haras National/Horses asdfghjkl/*taking pictures*hihihi wiener//yeah pictures/And you too, Brutus.//The English teacher of the French people//*cough cough* Gothenburg//Delivery note:Team Marjo&Mikko was found later in the sales office. 
In the afternoon when we left back to host families' places, I met Chloé's mother for the first time. We watched tv. Other was some shopping-tv-show and they sung karaoke in the other one. We ate ham and potatoes yum! Then I went to sleep. The clock was even nine then, yet... :D But the tired child went to sleep with pleasure!//FRIDAY 28.11. I slept 10 hours.//A little more about the food. The local butter is delicious! And the French coffee is weird!//How on Earth I can drink this much black coffee?//Oh. Tastes weird.//If we were more with our own groups on Thursday...//Then on Friday at least the music got us more social!//The playlist: -Stam1na, -Apulanta, -Green Day, -some Bob Marley -covers, and many more!
 During the day we visited: -Fort La Latte, -Cap Frehel, -a town called Dinan. And the group ate at some school. The boys didn't have anything else but their t-shirts outside the school. And the French were freezing! :D// What everybody else photographed://Landskapes (Aino has, like million pictures of landskapes!)/ BORING//I photographed:/-Funny looking people// -And in that one school:/Omg that line of trays is moving! I must get a video!//Going back to "home" I went to grocery shop with Chloé and her father. The food was not wrapped in plastic and everyone greeted each other! The shop was awesome!//After the meal I read the newspaper.//During the night I played boardgame with Chloé and her other sister. Then we watched the same tv-shows than yesterday. (I heard that the shopping-programme is her mother's favourite.)//I packed before I went to sleep./*sigh*
 29.11. BACK TO HOME/"Go to the station at 20 past seven or at least when clock is half!" -Marjo&Mikko./Guess, were they on time...//Sonja, do you understand that if Marjo and Mikko will be late, we're the only adults on the trip? :D/ Daddy!//Finally the heroes arrived./Whoops are we a little late?//And then we said goodbye.//When going to Paris, there was an announcement in the train./Mikko, what are they saying???//Mikko explained, that there was happened some kind of accident, and the train would go other way. That meant, that we wouldn't have much time in Paris...
 The train trip was 6 hours. The four of us played tic-tac-toe and hangman./ "Clocktower!"/Yep/ Aino's word./Other's words://In the buffet car./Haha I still remember something!/*some kind of warm bread with cheese and ham. (I rememberd that from my French lessons in the 8th grade) It was GOOD.//But guess, did we got free lunch-boxes, when I was finished eating. (It was because the train was late)//We checked the Montparnasse's tower quickly./There's the fucking Eiffel./So close but so far.//Stress- Saturday/We got to hurry on Saturday. That's why I didn't like that day a lot. At the airport we noticed, that some people had problems in check-in.//And it wasn't just a coincidence, that those who were travelled through Riga, had that problem.
*Flashback to high school*It was because our adviser had made a little mistake. And later Lufthansa had made another mistake. They've had cancelled part of the group's flights back./A piece of cake. And the cake is eaten./*Flashback end*//The four of us and Iiro had went through the security check. When the next people came, we heard the bad news./ Hey guys help/ What the fuck//By then, the international group was saying all the known Finnish curse words (and made some of their own probably)/The legendary quote "I wish I had beer" became our motto.//Then we collected some money, so the other ones could get home. They got to the same flight as we, though first the people at the airport said that they have to go to later flight. Victory!// I bought myself a selfiestick in Frankfurt. Because I had saved my money through the trip.//Frankfurt-Helsinki. I and Ivar talked with some random lady (who knew Mikko. Finland is a small country!)/ It was nice, I guess otherwise I would've been sad for the rest of the flight because I was tired...
By the way, earlier we -listened Apulanta with Ivar, -took a selfie with a sleeping Chinese man./That lady there is looking at me/Yeah I see//Helsinki-Vantaa/Here is snow/I see/ That snowball ended up to my face//At home about 2am./I could've go to sleep but(Mother mother guess what we did//
1) There is no food at the airport of Munich
2) You can't sleep with Ivar (if he doesn't sleep)
3) Using different languages is awesome
4) It's nice to taste different foods
5)There is no SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) in middle-Europe

Bonus #1. Video itestään liikkuvasta tarjotinjonosta. #landespede

Bonus #2. Takaisin Pariisiin. Setti oli koko matkan tätä luokkaa.

Tossa vielä kannen pohjana ollut kuvakollaasi.
Nukkuva Ivar, Aino Münchenin lentokentällä, Eiffel, Ivar ja Pieti, kuva Dinanista, Ouest France -lehteen tehty lehtijuttu meistä, peukkusota, selfie nukkuvan kiinalaisen sedän kans ja minä ja Chloé.

Mää tein sen! I did it!

lauantai 17. tammikuuta 2015

Modernii puhetta.

Tosiaan, mä ihan tosissani haluaisin mokoman ikuisuusprojektin valmiiksi ja muille näytettäväksi. Ongelma on se, ett se on oikeastaan ainoa isompi projekti, joka on mulle tärkeä ja tuo mulle iloa. Kun mä saan sen valmiiksi, mitä sitten?

Ei täs kai sit muuta.

tiistai 13. tammikuuta 2015

"Me emme ole mikään rytmiryhmä"

Hoho juuri se tussi (jolla mä oon tehnyt mm. matkapäiväkirjaa) on loppunut! Oliskohan ääsmarketissa uusia hyviä...

Kaikki jauhaa Charlie Hebdosta, ja niin teen minäkin. Katsoin viikonloppuna mielenkiinnosta Ylen uusiman Kärkeviä kommentteja -sarjan (,joka kertoo pilapiirtämisen historiasta) jakson Charlie Hebdosta. Kyseessä olevan lehden toimitus oli tietenkin saanut aikaisemminkin uhkauksia yms.  Ihoni nousi silti kananlihalle, kun

...Kunpa tietäisit Charb, kunpa tietäisit.
Screenshotit Yle Areenasta.
Psst, katsokaa se.